Sunday, May 18, 2008

My first youtube

Here is my first attempt to use youtube with video I took today.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

a new year and new things

Well, I am getting old and an old car is a lot of work. I forgot how uncomfortable the seats are, the bad suspension and the whole getting in and out process. I think I will keep it though and use it as a work out.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What I think

This exercise has been an adventure. Traveling the web has been one of those want to do it but don't have the resources. Being able to use the fast connections of KCLS put me on the road. And boy have I seen some sites, experimented with things and broadened my horizons.

I do think there were too many places without a real payoff. I did like delicious and the Zoho/Googledocs. I really see the potential for personal and work use.

I was surprised by how hard it seems to "connect" with people on the personal sites. I either need to get more creative with my tags or maybe just willing to put more of my personal information out on those sites.

I am very grateful for this training experience. It really is a great opportunity to explore and expand my Internet knowledge. I would never have spent the time or had the guidance to do this on my own.

The one thing I found hard as this training progressed is "what to search for" I really got sick of entertainment or library sites. My personal interests did not have a lot of hits out there( I guess my current culture factor is too low). I really did find myself not able to do a simple search of a site, I just didn't care or the information was to sparse. 27 Things did have suggestions to try but I hate to do the same thing over and over. I might suggest providing a broader subject list for us narrow focused people.

My big comment on this training is to let us know up front some of the things we need to prepare for. Here at Valley View the most common complaint was "another account". So here is my solution:

First is an e-mail account. Let people know up front that they will need to use their KCLS e-mail or if they are uncomfortable with work mail have them open a free yahoo account. Make sure that everyone knows that there will be lots of new accounts and it is best to have only one mail account to use for all the exploring.

Second go directly to an online use site or account manager and teach everyone how to make links to all the new accounts they will be opening. It becomes overwhelming to try to remember up to 15 or so accounts you have opened. Not everyone has a dedicated computer to save favorites and of course this fits right in with Web 2.0

It was a good trip, and I would boldly go where I have not gone before.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

mp3 players

Finally, we are at the point I have been waiting for. Soon I will be able to take my audio books and music on the road with me. My wonderful children gave me a top of the line ipod nano and I cannot use it at library. What kind of lame situation is that. Bring on the mp3 player. I am eagerly awaiting the audio books. My Bugeye has no radio and I could not hear it anyway, Oh, to be on the open road with the wind in my hair and a good book in my ear.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ok, here is the embedded version. I think I have had too may web visits lately.

Monday, April 30, 2007

youtube bugeye

Ok, I now get to have some fun viewing bugeyes. I wish I could turn my car like the one on YouTube. Maybe I will get out one of these days and give it a try. I need to get these 27things done so I can get out and actually do things not just wander around the web.